CENSORED — Reddit Takes Down Poll Showing Trump Leading Hillary By 5 Points In Florida

Christian Datoc | Breaking News and Engagement Editor

On Monday, moderators on the /r/politics subreddit censored a poll showing Donald Trump holding a five-point lead over Hillary Clinton in Florida.

R/Politics mods remove poll showing Donald up 5 in Florida from The_Donald

The original poster, Reddit user “bostonfan148,” received a message from the moderators that his post had been taken down for having an improper title. (RELATED: Reddit Bans Users, Deletes Comments Saying Orlando Shooter Was Muslim)


However, user “Mysecondaccoubnt_2” noticed that the original post’s title — “Trump 47-Clinton 42” — did in fact match the topline of the JMC poll included in the corresponding link.


Multiple other users on the thread noted it isn’t out of the ordinary for the /r/politics moderators to take down posts that aren’t overtly anti-Trump.

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