Issa: Lynch ‘Misled The American People’ About Hillary FBI Investigation

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Rep. Darrel Issa said on Tuesday that Attorney General Loretta Lynch “misled the American” people in her testimony before Congress about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Your World,” with Sandra Smith, Issa recapped the day’s earlier hearing saying that Lynch “had a very interesting answer. She said everything is ‘fact specific.’ Every case is different. Again, this is the only case [that] will ever look like this, where this kind of malice and forethought, planning to circumvent the law leading to these documents being wrongfully sent over lots of unclassified networks, Hillary’s to other people and back. That will be a question of, will it ever happen again? And I hope not. I believe not. I think this was a political decision.” (RELATED: FBI Recommends ‘NO CHARGES’ For Hillary Clinton [VIDEO])

“The other part was much more troubling. I asked a number of times the Attorney General, who I generally work with well and respect, I asked her if there were any political appointees on this group that made the decision [to to charge Clinton], and she misled the American people in how she answered,” Issa said. “Yes, there were political appointees, we verified it but she characterized it [as] everybody was a career professional. That wasn’t the question. The question is where people appointed by the president and others there that severed at the pleasure, politically… the answer was yes, but that’s not what she said.” (RELATED: Comey Confirms Hillary Clinton Lied To The Public About Her Emails [VIDEO])

When asked by Issa at the House Judiciary Committee hearing if there were any political appointees as part of the mean that investigated Clinton, Lynch said, “All of them were career lawyers and seasoned investigators.”

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