Martha Stewart Has A Message For Millennials

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Martha Stewart has a message for millennials and she didn’t hold back.

In an interview with Luxury Listings NYC, the 74-year-old home entrepreneur threw some shade when talking about millennials and suggested they need to just get out of their parents home and just go “after it.” (RELATED: Martha Stewart: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ ‘Not As Good As The Real Thing’)

Martha Stewart

(Photo: Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

“I think every business is trying to target millennials,” Stewart said. “But who are millennials? Now we are finding out that they are living with their parents.”  (RELATED: Martha Stewart On The Justin Bieber Roast: ‘I Was Totally High In Front Of The Microphone’ [VIDEO])

“They don’t have the initiative to go out and find a little apartment and grow a tomato plant on the terrace,” she added. “I understand the plight of younger people. The economic circumstances out there are very grim.”

“But you have to work for it,” she continued. “You have to strive for it. You have to go after it.”

“I got married at 19 and I immediately got an apartment and I fixed it up,” she said. “I was very proud of everything I did. I got the furniture at auctions for pennies.”

“Beautiful furniture,” she added. “My apartments were lovely and homey and comfortable.”