Newt Gingrich: Trump Will Announce VP Wednesday Or Thursday

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who is on the short list to be Donald Trump’s vice president, said on Tuesday that he expects Trump to make the VP announcement either Wednesday or Thursday.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Your World” with guest host Sandra Smith, Gingrich said, “Well, I don’t know much. My guess is you’re going to hear either tomorrow or Thursday. Certainly no later than Friday, because they’re going to want to dominate the weekend news with the new vice presidential selection.”

“I have no idea who he is going to pick,” Gingrich said. “I think clearly Governor Pence is deeply in the running. I think Governor Christie is in the running and I’ve been part of the process. So we’ll see what happens over the next two or three days. It’s a little bit like ‘The Apprentice,’ you’ll find out sooner or later who the last one standing is. (RELATED: Trump On Possible VP: Newt Gingrich Will Be ‘Involved With Our Government’ [VIDEO])

Smith followed up, “You’ve been at or near the top of the short list that most have been talking about. Is it still in your interest? Is that still something you would be interested in doing if asked?”

“Well, look, as a citizen, if you had an opportunity to help lead the country, I don’t see how you could turn it down,” Gingrich replied. “I think you would want to work out the details of what it means but it would be very, very hard for a citizen who cares deeply to not undertake an opportunity to really help fix things in the country.” (RELATED: Newt Gingrich Gives Full-Throated VP Pitch Speech At Trump’s Cincinnati Rally [VIDEO])

Smith then asked Gingrich what the “most important” part of Trump’s VP choice to which Gingrich replied, “One, it has to be a person capable of being president and certainly the people he’s currently talking to are all capable of being president. And second, there has to be a chemistry.”

“In the end, this is a very personal decision by Donald Trump. He’s got to look at people an he may like all of us, he may think all of us are pretty competent but he’s got to say, ‘If I am going to be president for the next four to eight years, I want to have somebody with me for the next four to eight years. What is the right chemistry? Who do I need in the room to help me be as effective as possible?’ That’s a very personal decision and nobody else can make it for him.”


Last week, Gingrich appeared along side Trump in Ohio where the presumptive Republican nominee said, “I can tell you in one form or another, Newt Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.”

Later on Tuesday, Trump is set to appear along side Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in Westfield, Indiana.

Trump’s current VP short list includes Gingrich, Pence, New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie, and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Next week is the Republican National Convention.

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