RNC Failing To Reach ‘Idealist’ Staffing Goals

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The Republican Party made lofty goals in staffing in May, but fundraising troubles mean that local operatives can’t pay people to help, according to an Associated Press report published Tuesday.

“You discuss idealistic, then you discuss realistic,” Republican Political Director Chris Carr told the Associated Press. Party officials revealed their current staffing levels are far below expectations set by RNC Chair Reince Priebus in March.

Those goals outlined by the Republican Party in March include 220 staffers in Ohio, only 50 of which have actually been fulfilled. Staffers expected 190 members in Pennsylvania, but only hired 60. Colorado has problems keeping people on the payroll, with only 24 staffers of the needed 80 staying on.

New Hampshire is the only state to get close to its stated goal. 20 of the 30 positions have been filled, but the state office was only able to afford that by making the positions part time instead of full time.

“We are covering districts across this country in ways that we’ve never had before,” RNC chair Reince Priebus told reporters in March. Priebus’ statement is true. In 2012, there were 170 staffers working either for the national party, or for various state Republican parties. Even with the deficits in hiring, there are currently 487 paid staffers across the country. The RNC is better represented across the nation than ever before.

The Problems for Trump and the RNC come because Trump doesn’t have his own staff to assist in the day to day affairs of a grassroots campaign movement. Clinton and the Democrats have a huge campaign, that Priebus dubbed, “that machine.” Clinton’s machine has more staffers than the GOP’s stated goals in every battleground state.

Party officials told the Associated Press the key issue with raising funds has been Trump’s limited increase in fundraising since the end of the primary process in May. Normally, the candidate helps out the party with a combination of party fundraisers and the candidates own large national staff during the primary. Trump failed to fundraise for his own election bid in the general elections until two weeks ago, where he did make impressive gains. The party earned $25 million in the month of June, and that money is going to fund an increase in staffing. Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton raised $70 million in the same time, raising an already high cash flow lead from the Republican front-runner.

“It’s a little bit of a late start, but I’m not nervous. Not yet,” Palm Beach Party chairman Michael Barnett told AP reporters.

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