Trump Campaign Co-Chair To MSNBC Host: ‘No, I’m Not Going To Hold On, You’re Going To Hold On’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Tempers flared Tuesday morning between Donald Trump’s national campaign co-chair Sam Clovis and MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle, prompting Clovis to say, “No, I’m not going to hold on, you’re going to hold on!”

During a discussion about who would be speaking at the upcoming Republican National Convention, Clovis said, “We have a lot of people that are still coming on board. We’re mending a lot of fences, building those bridges, if you’ll pardon the cliches.”

Ruhle interjected, “Hold on a second. If I may Sam, if you’re mending fences and building bridges, we got to talk about Jeb Bush for a moment. Yesterday, Jeb Bush spoke to our Nicolle Wallace and he said Donald Trump as president is going disappoint his supporters. It’s a scam. He said no Muslim ban will happen. No wall to Mexico. And Mexicans certainly aren’t going to pay for it. So in terms of building a bridge, Donald Trump certainly isn’t gaining the support of the Bushes, John Kasich is not speaking at the convention and Ted Cruz, while he might speak, hasn’t endorsed him.” (RELATED: Jeb Bush: Under Trump, America Will ‘Continue To Stagger Instead Of Soar’ [VIDEO])

“Well, I think this is an interesting point you bring up because Mr. Trump if you’ll remember was the one this was put upon so dramatically by these other candidates and by the RNC to sign a pledge that he would support the nominee,” Clovis said. “And yeah, we see here that these men lack the integrity and the honor to do the honorable thing. And I think this is really what’s sad.”

“Hold on,” the MSNBC host cut in.

“No, I’m not going to hold on, you’re going to hold on because here’s the deal,” Clovis responded. “These are people who are supposedly represent the people of their states or districts wherever they came from and if they don’t have the integrity to keep their word then frankly you know, maybe we are better off without them at the convention. Just to tell you, this is the facts: these people made that pledge and they have not upheld that pledge, Mr. Trump has.”

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