Gay Purdue Student Receives Death Threats For Criticizing Black Lives Matter

Getty Images/Centre Daily Times

Kelly McDonald Contributor
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A Purdue University student is facing disciplinary action from the university and has received death threats for criticizing Black Lives Matter, Heat Street reported on Tuesday.

Joshua Nash was summoned to meet with Purdue’s Director of Student Assistance on July 6th regarding comments he had made on Facebook. In a Facebook post earlier that week Nash wrote: “Black Lives Matter is trash because they do not really care about black lives. They simply care about making money and disrupting events for dead people.”

Nash, who is gay, told Heat Street he found it disrespectful that Black Lives Matter protesters had interrupted a gay pride parade in Toronto.

In addition to facing sanctions over the Facebook post, Nash has reportedly received death threats from his fellow students. One student told him, “if I ever see u on campus I am going to cut u till I see blood.” According to Heat Street, that same student told Nash that “even the school wants u dead.”

Nash told Heat Street has received other threats as well: “These students are so adamant about protecting their rights, protecting their feelings, that they don’t realize what they’re doing… threatening to literally kill someone.”

Nash reported the threats to his school’s administration and filed a police report.

“Attempting to silence students with subjective controversial opinions is completely and utterly absurd, and a direct attack on free speech,” he told Heat Street.