Hillary: Trump ‘Would Order Our Troops To Commit War Crimes’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton suggested on Wednesday that Donald Trump would use the IRS and the military to illegally “go after his critics and opponents.”

Speaking from the state house in Springfield, Illinois where Abraham Lincoln delivered his “House Divided” speech, Clinton said that if Trump was “commander in chief he would order our troops to commit war crimes. And insisted they would follow his orders, even though that goes against decades of military training and the military code.” (RELATED: House Conservatives Begin Trek To Impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen)

Clinton said that Trump has “banished members of the press who have criticized him, is there any doubt he would do the same as president?”

“Imagine if he had not just Twitter and cable news to go after his critics and opponents, but also the IRS, or for that matter our entire military,” Clinton said. “Given what we have seen and heard, do any of us think he’d be restrained. And he has shown contempt for and ignorance of our constitution.”

Under the Obama administration, the IRS has given extra scrutiny to tea party groups. (RELATED: IRS Names Hundreds Of Tea Party Groups Subjected To Extra Scrutiny)

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