These 2 Marines Downloaded Pokemon Go, But They Didn’t Count On Catching This


Anders Hagstrom Justice Reporter
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Two Marines playing Pokemon Go at a Fullerton, California park identified and subdued an attempted murder suspect and held him till police arrived on Tuesday, ABC 7 reports.

The two men, Seth Ortega and Javier Soch, said they were playing at the park when Soch’s game froze. Soch looked up to notice a man with a plastic red rose approaching women who were with small children.

One of the mothers took off with her kids and called 911, at which point both Marines began paying closer attention to the man as he approached yet another family.

“We see the gentleman go approach them… at this point, me and my roommate start walking across the street and the gentleman actually walks up and touches one of the children, one of the boys, his toe, and starts walking his way up to the knee,” Ortega told ABC 7.

“At this point I’m running across the street and a gentleman who was walking down the street does the same thing,” he continued.

The children, who had also been playing Pokemon Go, ran to their mother as Ortega and Soch tackled the man, holding him until police arrived.

According to authorities, the man was charged with child annoyance and, upon inspection of his record, they found he also had a warrant out for attempted murder in Sonoma, California. He is set to be extradited to Sonoma for the attempted murder warrant.

This instance joins a slew of other crime-related encounters by Pokemon Go players. A group of alleged armed robbers were arrested by police on O’Fallon, Missouri for luring Pokemon Go players to a parking lot using the app, and a woman in Wyoming found a dead body in a river while looking for a water Pokemon.