Black Pastor: Black Lives Matter Is Welcome To Meet With Trump But They Just Want To ‘Criticize’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Dr. Darrell Scott, a supporter of Donald Trump who is speaking at the upcoming Republican Convention said on Thursday that groups like Black Lives Matter are welcome to meet with Trump but they just want to “stand outside the door and criticize.”

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Tamron Hall, Scott said, “Well, if the Black Lives Matter and other groups want to talk to Mr. Trump, they can contact me. I can make it happen… The doors have been open. The doors have always been open but they want to stand outside the door and criticize the door, rather than come into the door and just directly communicate with the man.”

Hall followed up, “You have a large number of white voters who believe that Donald Trump is speaking to their fears that they are on the verge of being eliminated, whether it’s people in this country illegally, whether it’s African-Americans or Black Lives Matter. Why is he so appealing to some of these groups who say, are tied to white supremacists or tied to this notion of angry white voters, feeling they’re under siege?” (RELATED: Black Pastor: ‘The Liberal Media’ Doesn’t Know The Real Trump [VIDEO])

“Ethnicity plays a large part in anybody’s decision-making process,” Scott who is Pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio said. “When you have people — the Irish support the Irish, the Jews support the Jews, the Italians will support the Italians and the blacks, there are a number of blacks that supported Obama simply because he was black. He appealed to black nationalists, he appealed to black revolutionaries revolutionaries. So to Donald Trump to appeal to them, listen, they have to vote too. They’re going to vote for somebody. They like his message.”

“But the bottom line moving forward, you believe that there will be potentially a door open for Donald Trump to have an outreach with Black Lives Matter,” Hall asked.

“There is a door open. We’re forming boards now,” Scott replied. “I’m on a board. I’m on a board with him to have minority outreach, black outreach. We have a diversity coalition. But we’re also going to target African-Americans specifically for dialogue. And once again, we endeavored to do this several times in the past.”

“If I name the names in public of the people who I invited to attend these meetings, that refuse to attend, but want to sit outside of the meeting and criticize, I’ve even had preachers that refused to attend the meeting that criticized Donald Trump in public and tried to speak up the back door and get private meetings with him. I have have the e-mails to prove it. I don’t want to pull their pants down in front of the nation. I could though.”

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