Coulter Pans Reported Trump Decision Of Pence VP Selection

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter blasted the possibility of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence being selected as Donald Trump’s vice president calling it a “combo-platter of disaster” on Thursday.

In a Facebook post, Coulter wrote, “I won’t believe it, until I hear it from the Trump’s mouth. Pence is the combo-platter of disaster. He’s all in for corporate America bringing in as many guest workers as they please to replace American workers, tried to sell the monster amnesty as a ‘compromise bill.’ (How about this compromise: We start with a wall…).” (RELATED: My VP Prediction: Trump’s First Mistake)

According to Coulter, Pence “also somehow managed to tick off both sides in gay marriage debate. After his state passed a law passed protecting Christians from having to participate in gay marriages, all hell broke loose. Pence thought to himself: ‘I have semi heading for me. Should I just stand here? Yes, I think I’ll just stand here!’ First, he allowed himself to be portrayed as a right-wing homophobic nut and then — just days later — he sold out to the left-wing activists, anyway.” (RELATED: Reports: Donald Trump Will Pick Mike Pence)

Last week in her column, Coulter predicted that Trump’s VP selection would be his first big mistake.

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