Hear No Trouble: Hillary Refuses To Acknowledge Close Race With Trump [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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While on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Hillary Clinton refused to acknowledge the state of the presidential race when asked if she was “concerned” that she is in “a dead heat with Donald Trump.”

Posing for pictures in the Capitol alongside Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Chuck Schumer, she was asked, “Are you concerned that you’re in a dead heat with Donald Trump?” (RELATED: Trump Smashes Clinton Lead To Pieces In New National Poll)

Ignoring the question about her slide in the polls, Clinton said that she was glad to be back in the Senate. “I’m very happy to be here. Thank you all very much.” (RELATED: Polling In The Key Battleground States Show A Tight Election)

According to the latest CBS/New York Times poll, Clinton and Trump are tied at 40 percent nationally.

Other polls have Trump leading 49 to 36 percent in Florida and 47 to 46 in Ohio.

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