Khloe Kardashian Hoping Lamar Odom Pulls Himself Together

Brandon Katz Contributor
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Khloe Kardashian has little patience for Lamar Odom’s behavior.

Earlier this week, the former NBA star was reportedly kicked off a plane for getting drunk and vomiting multiple times. Now, E! News is reporting that Khloe is attempting to move on with her life, but is being stung by the criticism she’s receiving for doing so.

“Khloe put her whole life on hold,” a source close to Odom said.

They added that those in his inner circle are feeling “helpless” at the moment.

“[Khloe] stopped her [divorce] since he ran out of health insurance and got him a huge, safe home away from the mess. She wants babies one day, and he can’t give her that life, so she will always support him and be there to help him if needed, but can’t wait for him.”

“Her heart has always been with him and she gets very sensitive with people’s opinions when she decides to move on, because that doesn’t mean she didn’t try everything.”

Apparently, Odom was set off by a specific incident which led to his alleged bender before a flight from Los Angeles to Manhattan.

“Something happened on Monday and it sent him over the edge,” the source continued. He had been doing really good until that moment but whatever it was set him off.”