What Rapper Kevin Gates Just Said About BLM Probably Won’t Sit Well With His Fans [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Rapper Kevin Gates uploaded a scathing rant to Facebook about the Black Lives Matter movement on Wednesday.


We kill each other. I’m talking about we lay up under each other’s cars, lay behind each other’s houses then whip by — BOOM BOOM — kill everybody in the car…

We kill each other, but as soon as a white boy kills one of us, everybody go to hoopin’ and hollerin’ and all that old stupid-ass shit…

That’s bullshit. When you stand for something, you’ve got the stand for it all the way, not half way.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, and fuck who don’t like that. You know what’s worse than a nigga? Another one. 

“He should’ve let him live.” Yeah so we could kill him. Niggas hate on niggas. Niggas steal from niggas. Niggas kill niggas.

Help your brother, man, don’t hurt your brother. Fuck you doin’

This isn’t the first time Gates has criticized the movement.

In a February interview with 106 KME’s Shay Diddy, he said he agreed with Stacey Dash that “All Lives Matter.”


Gates, a two-time convicted felon, explained “how he got his ass whooped by the police.”

“But you know why?” he asked Diddy. “I was belligerent and I was conducting myself like a ‘nigger.’ And when I saw ‘nigger’ I mean I was conducting myself in an ignorant manner.”

“I had no respect for myself,” he added. “I had no respect for authority that was talking to me. So I deserved what I got. I’m a felon. I get pulled over all the time.”

“When I speak to these individuals with respect, I’ve never had a problem since I’ve changed my ways… So I don’t feel like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I’m talking about ‘All Lives Matter.'”


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