Cruz Blasts Obama’s ‘Willful Blindness’ In Response To Nice Terror Attack

Ted Cruz REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Sen. Ted Cruz blasted President Barack Obama for his “willful blindness” in the aftermath of the terror attack in Nice, France on Thursday.

Cruz said in a statement that “[O]ur close ally France is reeling from yet another major attack apparently carried out by radical Islamic terrorists. Let us make no mistake about it: Europe is under siege.” (RELATED: Trump: ‘People Will Sigh With Relief’ If Obama Says ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’)

“We must redouble our attacks on the ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria, but we cannot deceive ourselves that we can isolate ISIS and related terrorist groups in the Middle East,” Cruz said. (RELATED: Trump Responds To Nice Attack: ‘This Is War’)

“Thanks to a lack of decisive action, that opportunity has passed,” Cruz argued. “As America has focused on limited regional air strikes, ISIS has been playing a longer game. They have used the last two years to establish a network of militants around the world from France to Bangladesh who are now coming to life. They may be in the United States as well.” (RELATED: Obama Lashes Out At Trump, Defends Not Using ‘Radical Islam’ Label)

“We have to remove the blinders and recognize this for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz said. “We need to stop radicalized individuals from coming into the United States. We need to empower our law enforcement to target this specific threat, whether imported or homegrown. After seven and a half years of the Obama administration denying this danger, it is getting worse, not better. Willful blindness is not a policy.” (VIDEO: Trump Calls On Obama To Resign For Not Calling Orlando Attack ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’)

In response to the Orlando terrorist attack, Obama said, “Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.”


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