Expert On Middle East Immigration: ‘Charity Is Not An Excuse For Suicide’

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Marine Corps University professor and author of “Defeating Jihad”, commented Friday on the allowance of Middle Eastern refugees immigrating into America suggesting, “charity is not an excuse for suicide.”

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice, France, in an appearance on Fox News’s “Outnumbered,” co-host Harris Faulkner said, “I traveled recently to Minnesota and got to see where one in four are coming from his potential recruits from ISIS and we have other pockets in this country… we call some of them sanctuary cities where we know we have people not being monitored the way they should… but you also have people coming here that we are not keeping up with.”

Gorka, a national security expert, replied, “Listen to the following reality that a federal agent told me: there are more than 2000 refugees let into the country since the war in Syria began. After those individuals are passed over to the church NGOs and other organizations that helps position them in America, the federal authorities are not allowed to know where they are living because that is a breach of their privacy.”

“That’s just absurd, that is Monty Python. We don’t know where the refugees from war zones are living in America, we are a christian nation, we should be charitable to those in need but charity is not an excuse for suicide,” Gorka said. “I think Europe is the best example.”

Later, Gorka said, “We have to fight them everywhere. This isn’t about neocon plots to export democracy of the end of a barrel. The face of this war should be our Sunni allies, it should be the Egyptians, it should be the Jordanians who have been dissed by this administration for seven years. We have to help them close with the enemy to crush ISIS over there and that means deploying forces as advisors.”

“Second, we have to up our game here. The HUMINT, the human intelligence tools that the NYPD has developed since 9/11, the kinds of things that Mayor De Blasio is trying to shut down, that’s how we prevent the next attack. So it is a multi-phase operation. It’s is not about invading countries, it’s about helping allies and finding a bad guys here before they go kinetic.”

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