Former CIA Director: Does Obama Care More About ‘Public Relations’ Than Defeating ISIS?

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Former CIA Director James Woolsey said on Friday that he has “no idea” why Barack Obama telegraphs troop deployments and strategy against ISIS “unless they care more about the public relations than they do about winning the war.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Your World” with guest host Sandra Smith, Woolsey responded to retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s concern that, “We continue to telegraph to our enemies exactly what we’re going to do. As recent as a couple days ago the Secretary of Defense telegraphed we’re sending another 500 plus soldiers into Iraq. I mean why do we tell our enemies what is is what we’re going to do? We shouldn’t. Did Bin Laden tell us that he was going to fly planes into the Twin Towers and into the Pentagon? No, so, we have to be a little bit more unpredictable in how we operate.” (RELATED: US May Deploy More Troops To Iraq To Help Liberate Mosul From ISIS)

Woolsey replied, “I completely agree with Mike. The Administration cannot keep its mouth shut on these things.”

“Had they been in power during World War II, they probably would have made speeches about how well we were doing breaking the Japanese codes. I have no idea why they do this sort of thing, unless they care more about the public relations than they do about winning the war.” (RELATED: Former Obama Intel Chief: ‘We Are Losing’ Against ISIS: ‘We’re In A War’)

“And that is a very serious charge indeed,” Woolsey acknowledged. Adding, “I’m not making it here but it is certainly something that you have to start thinking about, when you see everything getting disclosed.”

“Military operations require secrecy now. After the fact,” Woolsey said, “You ought to be able to learn what happened but during the lead-up and the execution of something, you ought to keep their mouths shut in the White House.”

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