French Ambassador: ‘I Don’t Know’ How To Stop Future Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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In light of the recent terror attack in Nice, France, the French Ambassador to the United States Gerard Araud said on Friday, “I don’t know” how to stop future terrorist attacks.

Appearing on CNN’s “Wolf,” the Ambassador noted that France has the “largest” Muslim community in Europe. Araud then said, “most of them are Arabs which means that they are very sensitive also to the propaganda of the Islamic caliphate.”

Host Wolf Blitzer followed up, “Your president, Francois Hollande in his statement to the people of France, he spoke of Islamic terrorism, Muslim terrorism, and he used the phrase that phrase, as you know President Obama doesn’t like using.”

Araud replied, “Well, you know it’s not a use that we are using this expression. My prime minister said after the attack in November [in Paris] that we were attacked by radical Islam.”

Adding that the current question in regards to the Nice attack is “whether this is precise terrorist was really acting on a lone wolf or part of a network.”

Later, Blitzer followed up, “And so basically going forward, how do you stop these kinds of terror attacks in France?”

“I don’t know,” Araud replied. Adding that is looks like “an endless tragedy, every week you know really.”

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