Lagniappe: Revving Up For The RNC

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Campbell North Contributor
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1.  Truck kills 84 people in Nice, France

2.  A group within the military is engaged in an attempted coup in Turkey

3.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg inappropriately comments on Donald Trump

4.  “Unity at the Republican convention? Forget about it”

5.  Here is the list of RNC speakers

6.  Picking Pence for VP is Trump’s olive branch to conservatives

7.  Why Newt Gingrich would have been a better VP pick

8.  “5 times the government cure was worse than the disease

9.  Paul Ryan and the GOP can affect change in inner cities with anti-poverty programs

10. Dallas Police Chief David Brown; “hero for our times”

11. Black GOP Sen. Tim Scott speaks out after Dallas, says he’s been victim of prejudice

12. Republican Sen. Mike Lee explains ‘why GOP delegates should be unbound’

13. Obama never met with defense intelligence chief during his presidency

14. “The magic of ‘untranslatable’ words”

15. Understanding new UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet