Muslim Journalist: Nice Attacks Happened Because ‘France Is An Islamophobic Nation’

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Just hours after the terror attack in Nice, France that left at least 84 people dead, the editor of a Muslim news organization claimed that the attack happened because “France is an Islamophobic nation.”

Roshan Salih, the editor of British Muslim news website 5Pillars, later claimed that “moronic reactions” to his original tweet would only lead to more violence.


“France is an Islamophobic nation with a hugely destructive foreign policy and these horrible attacks are a terrible blowback,” Salih tweeted. According to his bio, Salih previously worked for Al Jazeera.

After Salih was met with sharp criticism online, he doubled down.


“The moronic reaction to my obvious truths about French foreign policy and Islamophobia is indicative of why [the] cycle of violence will not stop,” he said.

Thursday’s attack left at least 84 people dead, including two Americans.

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