Clinton To Hold Voter Drives At ‘College Campuses, Barber Shops And Street Corners’

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign plans to register 3 million new voters this election cycle by hosting voter drives at “minor league baseball games, college campuses, barber shops, hair salons, [and] street corners,” she said during a speech at the NAACP convention in Cincinnati on Monday.

“That’s why here today I am pleased to announce a nationwide drive to get 3 million people to register to vote and commit to vote in this election,” Clinton told the civil rights organization.

The Democratic presidential candidate announced that her campaign team is hosting 500 voter registration events across the U.S. this week.

She said that for those who cannot attend the events, a website will be set up “in English and Spanish.”

She also said that the campaign is “hiring paid organizers to help us get out the vote and get our message across.”

While it would be illegal for Clinton’s campaign to register only those voters most likely to vote for her, the voter drive appears skewed in favor of attracting likely Democratic voters.

College students tend to lean Democratic, as do Spanish-speaking voters.

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