Crowd Boos McConnell As He’s Gaveled In As Temporary Convention Chair


Kerry Picket Political Reporter

CLEVELAND, Ohio — GOP delegates booed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell being gaveled in as the temporary chairman to the Republican National Convention Monday.

One delegate acknowledged the sour response and told The Daily Caller that the post will likely only last for a day and another temporary chair will be gaveled in on Tuesday.

“He’s a temporary chairman — a figurehead,” Indiana alternate delegate Bill Frazier said.

Speaker of The House Paul Ryan, who is in a tough primary, is the convention’s permanent chair. He is expected to oversee the convention later in the week.

Although McConnell appeared to be unwelcome on the convention floor the first day, other delegates took the reception in stride.

“He’s got some detractors out there. He’s got some people who think he does a good job. When you are in leadership, you’re going to get some bow and arrows pointed at you and that’s the way it’s going to happen,” Maine delegate Eric Lusk told TheDC.

Texas delegate Larry Philips agreed saying, “In politics, half the time you’re going to make half the people happy.”

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