Gohmert: Obama Guilty Of Stirring Up ‘Racial Animosity’ [VIDEO]

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert blasted Barack Obama’s handling of the recent police officer killings on Monday, arguing that he is an “accessory” to the Black Lives Matter protesters while stirring up “racial animosity.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Gohmert said, “I never dreamed that as president, [Obama] would help stir up racial animosity, even using false information.” (VIDEO: Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ On YouTube Channel

“I didn’t vote for Obama,” Gohmert said. “I didn’t support him. But when I looked for a silver lining, I thought, ‘You know what, we seem to be so close to Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.’ He had a dream that one day people would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. And it seemed to me, we were awfully close to that.”

“But then we elected a president that could have been the final — and the fact that [Obama] was elected as an African-American when most people would say a white guy with his qualifications had no chance. Are you kidding?”

“There was so many things that would have been the kiss of death for a white guy,” he said, referencing Obama’s ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers. (RELATED: Here Is Dallas Cop Killer Micah X. Johnson’s Facebook Page)

Gohmert said that the police officers who were killed in Dallas “were there protecting Black Lives Matters, they were there to make sure Black Lives Matters was safe and as a result five officers died protecting Black Lives Matter. That’s about as non-racial as you can get. And who made it racist? Black Lives Matter and then the president, once again, stoked the fire.” (VIDEO: Obama Says ‘It’s Very Hard To Untangle’ Dallas Shooter’s Motives)

“If you encourage, or help stir someone up to commit a crime,” Gohmert said, “You’re called an accessory. But the law says if you encouraged, assisted in any way, you’re as guilty as the one that did it. This president has been stoking this fire, speaking out before he had the facts, and it has stirred up racial animosity, and now we are bordering on chaos.” (RELATED: Feds Investigating Links Between Dallas Cop Killer And Black Liberation Militia Groups)

Obama “created chaos in the Middle East and North Africa by wrong decisions, and now he’s doing it domestically,” Gohmert insisted. “Has done it actually.”

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