Ladies Get Naked In Cleveland To Protest Trump Or Something

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Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee for president, whether you like it or not. (If you do like it, congratulations. Why are you still so angry?) A lot of people are going to protest in Cleveland this week, which is their right. And I’m going to laugh at them, which is my right. It works out great for everybody. This is America, at least for now.

I believe that you should be able to get butt-nekkid in public for any reason. Unless you’re a man, because I really don’t want to look at that. But womyn, please feel free to follow the example of these brave social justice warriors. Kate Storey, Elle:

As the sun rises Sunday morning over the Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland, 100 women stand completely nude, holding large, round mirrors facing the arena… It’s the day before the Republican National Convention kicks off…

Artist Spencer Tunick stands on a ladder holding the camera focused on the women, wiping sweat off his brow. He shouts, “We love you all! This is beautiful,” as he takes photos for his art installation, “Everything She Says Means Everything…”

Since Tunick put out his casting call for the event in May, 1,800 women signed up to participate… Some are here to send a message to Donald Trump and others just wanted to take the opportunity to proudly show their bodies publicly…

At 6:53 a.m., Tunick gathers the crowd. “The Republican party has given an excuse to hate. We have daughters and we want them to grow up in a society where they have equal rights for women,” he says. “The sun is coming up. Now, when I say three, let’s get naked!”

And then they did, and this “artist” took pictures of them. To show Trump and the Republicans that…

To show them that… um…

Well, I don’t know, exactly. It’s not really clear what this was supposed to accomplish. But out of all the ways protesters are going to disrupt the RNC this week, at least this wasn’t violent. Stupid and pointless, but non-violent.

You can see pictures of the naked ladies at the link. It’s not dirty, I guess, because it’s artistic and stuff. They’re all holding up concave mirrors, which symbolizes… er… the reflection of the Republican Party’s hatred of women? Again, I honestly don’t know. God bless these poor women, or whichever deity they choose to believe in.

Hey, at least nobody got shot, right? That’s an achievement for GOP-haters in 2016.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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