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Happy Convention, everyone! Most of the Daily Caller staff is in Cleveland so while the cat’s away, the mice (interns) will play….here’s what you need to read:


In addition to training their journalists for personal safety during riots, news organizations are now also afraid that their reporters will be arrested while covering protests at the Republican National Convention. HuffPo reports that even though restrictions such as a 30-foot buffer zone between reporters and police have been relaxed, the climate for journalism is still tense, and clearly the rights of journalists to record is not guaranteed protection during the RNC.

It has been 227 days since Hillary Clinton last held a press conference, and Bret Baier  thinks she’s going to have to shift her strategy soon, according to Politico. The website says “he expects Clinton to make more TV appearances, including on Fox News,” before the general election in November, but doesn’t any mention of how long it’s been since she appeared in a less-controlled setting before the press.

Some news that doesn’t surprise me at all: we are all so sick and tired of this election, according to the Pew Research Center. Almost 60 percent of us feel exhausted by election coverage, and November is still over three months away. The most interesting breakdown in the study finds that Americans are tired of hearing endless nit-picking over candidates’ comments, while we feel that we don’t learn enough about candidates’ official stances on various issues. Step it up, media! (Hat tip: HuffPo).

Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert pulled a funny trick during the set-up for the RNC Monday and hijacked the microphone to declare open the “Hungry for Power Games,” which is what he’s repeatedly been calling the election this year:

I can’t decide if this is a brilliant or a terrible move for Samantha Bee, or if it’s just a sign that her budget is running low…