CNN, MSNBC Could Hardly Contain Themselves Over Melania Trump’s Alleged Plagiarism

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN and MSNBC could hardly contain themselves with the amount of coverage they devoted to Melania Trump’s convention speech where she allegedly plagiarized from Michelle Obama.

According to Newsbusters analytics from 7am to 9am EST, CNN’s “New Day” devoted almost 45 minutes of air time to Mrs. Trump while MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” devoted approximately 41 minutes. (RELATED: So Melania Trump Plagiarized Part Of Her Speech)

Fox News, on the other hand, devoted approximately 15 minutes to Mrs. Trump’s speech. (RELATED: Melania Takes A Shot At Hillary: ‘My Husband Will Never Be Bought’)

Among broadcast networks, CBS’s “This Morning” spent almost 14 minutes while NBC’s “Today” gave the story about 10 minutes of coverage. ABC’s “Good Morning America” gave the story the least amount of air time with only six minutes of coverage. (RELATED: Trump Campaign On Plagiarism: Criticism Of Melania Is What Happens ‘When A Woman Threatens Hillary’ [VIDEO])

Newsbusters does make note that “obviously” there was much more coverage of Mrs. Trump’s speech before and after their sampling was conducted.

Numbers don’t tell the entire story though. In Newsbuster’s sampling, it is noted that Gayle King, co-host of “This Morning” dubbed Mrs. Trump’s speech “copy-gate.”


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