Lagniappe: RNC Edition

Campbell North Contributor
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1. Mother of Benghazi victim delivers moving speech, blames Hillary Clinton for her sons death

2.  CNN’s live updates from the Republican National Convention

3.  Trump’s campaign is modeled after Nixon’s 1968 campaign

4.  Tensions between anti-Trump and pro-Trump delegates flare on the first day of the RNC

5.  “Conservatism As Exclusionism”

6.  Six ways Trump can dominate the media in the coming weeks

7.  Is Trump making the U.S. more racially divided?

8.  Tom Cotton gives a less than memorable speech 

9.  Roger Ailes leaves Fox News with $40 million buyout after allegations of sexual harassment

10. Convention schedule, Trump campaign embarrasses Chris Christie

11. “An apology to Cleveland”

12. NASA has discovered two new planets that may be capable of supporting life

13. Get the inside scoop from Matt Lewis on the ground in Cleveland here

Campbell North