Media Watchdog Blasts Bloggers In Their ‘Underwear’ [VIDEO]


Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Founder of the media watchdog group Media Research Center Brent Bozell criticized bloggers in their “underwear” who write unsubstantiated stories at 3:00 am and their effect on the rest of the media.

In an interview with The Daily Caller Tuesday from the Republican National Convention, Bozell said, “On the one hand, the old media’s back is broken and I don’t think you can put the toothpaste back in the tube. New media have exploded onto the scene and they’re only growing.”

“The next step [of media] is social media and with social media, it tells me we’re quickly leaving the news era and we’re in the information age,” Bozell said. “[I]f you want something, you don’t wait for the news, you get it instantaneously. So all that’s to the good for conservatives, what is not for the good for conservatives is that the old media are more radicalized than ever before.”

Recalling his recent conversation with NBC’s Tom Brokaw, he said, “[Brokaw] thought I was kidding when I said… that I pine for the good old days of Tom Brokaw.”

“If you compare him to what he did that we all complained about, compared to what’s going on today, he’s a pinnacle of good journalism,” Bozell said. (RELATED: NBC’s Brokaw Calls For Banning Gun That Doesn’t Exist [VIDEO])

Commenting to the division in conservative media, “I warn my fellow conservatives about this. We are very critical of the old media for all the rules that they break. But the new media, it’s the wild, wild west. There are no rules. And in the name of journalism you’ve got websites that are projecting things that are terrible [for] journalism.”

“The first rule of journalism is that if you don’t have two independent sources, you don’t have a news story,” Bozell said. “And you look at some sites, especially bloggers, and they put forward things that occur to them at 3:00 in the morning in their underwear and then the next site picks it up because it’s interesting and if it’s not true, well they just point to the blogger.”

“You can have the guy in his underwear but if you have an independent source that confirms what he said, then you got a news story.”

“So be careful. We have to all be careful,” he said.

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