Scott Brown: All Elizabeth Warren Does Is ‘Yell And Scream At People’ [VIDEO]

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CLEVELAND — Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s senatorial record arguing, “All she does is yell and scream at people, hold hearings and put it on YouTube and raise money.”

In a Facebook Live interview with The Daily Caller from the Republican National Convention, when asked about the prospects of Warren being selected as the Democrat’s vice president, Brown said, “Well you could have a liar in Hillary Clinton, the fact that she’s you know, had the problems obviously as referenced by the FBI director and a fraud. Somebody in Elizabeth Warren who is not a Native American who has failed to disclose any evidence whatsoever and is criticizing Donald Trump and others for doing the very same thing she has done her whole lifetime—you know flipping houses. Her and her family have been doing it for years.” (RELATED: Scott Brown Says Elizabeth Warren Should Take A DNA Test)

Referring to the mantra of “representing the little guy,” Brown said of Warren, “Well, she represented the large corporate interest in the LTV Steel situation and pensioners who were trying to get their pension, you can go on and on and on.” (VIDEO: Trump Regrets Calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’)

Warren is “in a role that’s an attack dog and what people reference back home [in Massachusetts] is that she’s been there almost a full term, she’s passed no pieces of legislation. All she does is yell and scream at people, hold hearings and put it on YouTube and raise money. I guess that would fit in right with the agenda that they’re pushing.”

For Democrats, Brown said that Cory Booker or Tim Kaine would be a better choice than Warren.

When asked if he was “disappointed” by the fact that he was not Donald Trump’s vice presidential selection, Brown said, “No, of course not.

Trump “needed somebody who was actually in service still. I recommended Senator John Thune many, many times to him. I know John was also in the running but [Trump] has his own agenda. [Trump] is very comfortable with Governor Pence. I think it’s a very solid choice, as Marco [Rubio] referenced. [Pence] has that experience being a former congressman, being a present governor,” Brown said.

Adding, “I’m very comfortable with” Trump’s decision and “I’m going to do everything I can to be sure he gets elected.”

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