Stuart Varney: The Washington Post Is ‘Dead Wrong’ About Neil Cavuto

Campbell North Contributor
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A newspaper infamous for handing out Pinnochio ratings based on factual accuracy is getting a taste of its own medicine.

Monday’s print edition of the Washington Post “grossly misquoted” Neil Cavuto, anchor for Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Stuart Varney, a fellow colleague at Fox News, reported on the Washington Post’s error.

Cavuto’s picture was featured in an article titled “They Were All Dead Wrong” in the convention section of the Washington Post. The article incorrectly attributed this quote about Donald Trump to Cavuto;”no way in heck he is ever going to be our nominee.”

“If the staffers at the Washington Post had done their homework,” said Varney, “they would know Neil wasn’t expressing his opinion about Trump, he was reporting on Marco Rubio’s sentiments about Trump.”

(Stream the video clip of Cavuto reporting on Maro Rubio’s statements here.) 

“As you can see, those were not Neil’s words about Mr. Trump,” said Varney.

He further noted that, “while everyone else was dismissing candidate Trump,” Cavuto was actually validating Trump’s candidacy. On multiple occasions, Cavuto made statements acknowledging Trump as a legitimate candidate, for example, “Trump is no passing fad,” and “To those of you who are going to dismiss the real estate developer…do so at your own peril.”

“So clearly, it is the Washington Post that is dead wrong,” concluded Varney. After Fox demanded a retraction of the quote, the Washington Post apologized and agreed to issue a correction.

Varney also commented on the repercussions of mainstream media grossly misquoting in such a fashion, noting that these kind of mistakes threaten a journalist’s credibility.

This incident of media mishandling coincides with a portion of the hearty speech given by former Mayor Giuliani at the Republican National Convention last night. “I am sick and tired of the defamation of Donald Trump by the media,” said Hon. Giuliani, “by the Clinton campaign. This is a good man. And America should be sick and tired.”