A Drunken Heartfelt Rant About ‘Make America White Again’ Goes Viral [VIDEO]

REUTERS/David Ryder

Campbell North Contributor
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With a huge cowboy hat and thick Texan accent, Isaiah Galloway took to Facebook live recently, voicing his opinion on the “make America white again” slogan. After admitting to having a few cold ones, Galloway began to record his rant titled “Make America white again… Wtf,” and it immediately became an internet sensation, reaching 3.1 million viewers.

Throughout the video Galloway points out that America has never been white, drunkly professes his love for black women, complains that Supercuts can’t give a good edge up, and responds lovingly to people’s comments, asking those with hateful words to go elsewhere.

“Shut that ‘make America white again’ up…I don’t want to live in a world without black folks…I’m just tired of seeing all this racist sh**.”

(Warning: Video contains explicit language)

The video received positive feedback and Galloway has continued efforts to criticize racism by making a Facebook group called TAP TERN, where people are invited to post pictures of their interracial friendships, relationships and families to help end racial divides.