Bolton: ‘It’s Not American Strength That’s Provocative, It’s American Weakness’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CLEVELAND — Former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton blasted Obama/Clinton foreign policy on Wednesday arguing, “It’s not American strength that’s provocative, it’s American weakness.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller from the Republican National Convention, Bolton said, “The most important thing that Donald Trump has said that distinguishes him from Hillary Clinton is his commitment to rebuild America’s military. It’s very hard to describe in a short period of time the devastation that the Obama administration has caused to our military by severe underfunding over its entire tenure in office.”

America is “way behind in terms of ships at sea, planes in the air, technology and manpower,” Bolton said.

Bolton added, “Now why is rebuilding the military so important? Not because we want conflict, but precisely for the opposite reasons. The positions of strength that we create deter our adversaries. It’s not American strength that’s provocative, it’s American weakness. Rebuilding the military is an absolute prerequisite to maintaining our security around the world.”

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