Giuliani Mum On Whether He Would Serve In Trump Admin


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CLEVELAND — Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who fired up the GOP convention crowd Monday, avoided saying if he would want to serve in a Trump administration but praised the Republican presidential nominee for his vice presidential pick.

“I will not going to comment at all on the administration except to say he selected Mike Pence as his vice president. Here’s what that indicates. He’s going to select enormously talented people to surround him and to help him,” Giuliani told The Daily Caller Wednesday. “If you select Mike Pence, you send a message to me you are going to select extraordinarily talented people and there are plenty them – a lot more than me.”

TheDC pressed Giuliani further and asked if he would accept Department of Homeland Security Secretary. Giuliani circled back to Pence.

“Once again, [Trump] has already indicated he can select enormously talented people. His choice of vice president is a signal to what kind of an administration he’s gonna put together. The choice of Mike Pence shows us that he is gonna bring great and extraordinary talent into his administration to help him,” he said.

He added,“Donald Trump knows this not a one man job. He didn’t build his buildings by himself. He built his buildings and his business by inspiring other people and all of his employees love him.”

Giuliani is not the only New York Republican impressed with Pence. New York Republican Rep. Pete King supports the choice of Pence on the ticket as well.

“I like Mike Pence. Mike Pence and my foreign policy are nearly identical. We both voted for the Iraq war. We both believe in a strong national defense and homeland security,” King told TheDC.

Pence is expected to address the convention Wednesday evening.

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