GOP Congressman Declares Ted Cruz ‘A Total Fraud’ [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Republican New York Congressman Peter King thinks Texas Senator Ted Cruz is “more of a disgrace now more than ever” after Cruz delivered a non-endorsement speech of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

“He’s a total fraud,” King told NBC’s Hallie Jackson.

“To me, Ted Cruz showed America what he really is — he’s a fraud, he’s a liar, he’s self-centered, he disqualified himself from ever being considered for President of the United States,” King said.

“Today is the Ted Cruz I’ve know, unfortunately. He cannot be trusted. He’s not a true Republican, he’s not a true conservative, he’s totally self-centered. I never saw such outrage and anger on the floor as I saw toward Ted Cruz tonight, and he deserved every bit of it. He’s a total fraud,” King continued.

“It’s not so much his message we disagree with, it’s him as a human being and as a person,” King said. “He disgraced himself, disgraced the party, and the party should never again consider him for office.”