Someone Put Mini Walls Around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Brandon Katz Contributor
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On Tuesday, Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for president. That same day, someone set up a miniature wall around his Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

The former reality TV host has long discussed his plan to build a wall on the border of Mexico in response to the United States’ illegal immigration problem. Tourists in Hollywood were treated to a smaller version of that idea as Trump’s star was outlined with a 6-inch gray wall that came complete with razor wire topping and signs that read “keep out.” The wall has since been removed, according to The Washington Post.

Who is responsible for this display? The self-proclaimed Plastic Jesus, a Los Angeles based street artist who is known for posting “No Trump Anytime” signs on street corners, has taken responsibility for the act. His website describes his art as being influenced by news and culture.