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The Republican National Convention will finally be over after tonight, and it looks like we got some company in Cleveland from the boys at Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” feature on Wednesday night. Hadas Gold reported for Politico that the special edition was brought in to give SNL fans something to chomp on as the show is on summer hiatus during convention season. It’ll be back next Wednesday for the DNC, so stay tuned.



OMG, Gawker‘s coverage of the RNC is so sharp and funny I’m almost willing to overlook the whole ethics scandal and million-dollar lawsuit. Between headlines like “Why That Actually Could Be Rafael Cruz With Lee Harvey Oswald” and “Did Donald Trump Just Try To Kiss Mike Pence?”, I’m actually enjoying following this dumpster fire of a convention, or “Ted Cruz’s Waking Nightmare.”

Permanent hater Michael Moore thinks that Donald Trump is going to win the election. True story! It’s probably because most Americans are all big dumb fatties, but according to him, chants of “Lock Her Up!” sound like music to the ears of “millions of Americans.” He was kind to apologize for letting us all down so early on, but even that sounds smarmy and self-important.

Update on #FreeMilo: our favourite dangerous faggot Milo Yiannopoulos has been offered a gig on TV and maybe even a shot at the big screen! You can’t keep a good man down!

Greta Van Susteren‘s dog and cat are friends. I love how much she loves animals. Truly.

Best friends – Dottie and Bill

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