Did Jordan Rodgers’ Brother Luke Just Spoil ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale?

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Brandon Katz Contributor
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“The Bachelorette” front-runner Jordan Rodgers may have a few words with his older brother Luke.

On Tuesday, Luke gave a Facebook Live interview with Womanista in which he may have spoiled the conclusion to “The Bachelorette.”

Luke was asked whether star JoJo Fletcher (AKA the bachelorette herself) is similar to any of Jordan’s past girlfriends. Luke noted that “everyone is different” but that JoJo has connected with the Rodgers family quickly.

“[JoJo was different in how] she was able to just so easily come lockstep with our family and conversations and stuff, except for the fact that she is missing some crucial movies that we quote a lot, but we’re going to catch her up,” he said.

At first glance, that quote may appear innocent. But if you think about it, why would the Rodgers clan need to catch her up on their favorite films if Jordan wasn’t the winner? As if sensing his mistake, Luke quickly did a bit of backtracking.

“We could catch her up with that, should she need to be caught up, depending on how this whole thing ends. But yeah, she can definitely roll with us, which is fun. It was fun.”

So, did Jordan just spoil the rest of this season or was this just a harmless remark?