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Rachel Maddow Issues Trigger Warning About Anti-Hillary Buttons


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Did you know that those evil, knuckle-dragging teabaggers actually think Hillary Clinton should go to prison, just because she indisputably broke federal law and endangered national security over a period of years, and got away with it because she’s too big to jail? And it gets even worse: Some of these drooling genetic anomalies even printed up buttons to reflect that twisted belief. Sick!

Courtesy of Newsbusters, here’s MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explaining this disturbing development to Iraq War Medal of Honor recipient and Bin Laden assassin Brian Williams:

I thank Rachel Maddow for warning me beforehand that such despicable content might not be suitable for all viewers, and I applaud her for managing to get through this segment. Clearly she’s rattled and shocked by this show of disrespect to the woman who has lied to America for a quarter of a century.

I’m not sure who this “Monica” person is, though. What does that mean? Is there something we should know regarding the Clintons and somebody named “Monica”?

Well, Ms. Maddow can cheer up. No matter how many awful, misogynist buttons those filthy Republicans hand out, their nominee is still Donald Trump. Ain’t no comin’ back from that.