Rep Steve King Slams 2012 GOP Autopsy Report: ‘Comprehensive Immigration’ Is Just A ‘Code Word’

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Republican Congressman Steve King told The Daily Caller News Foundation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Thursday that the Republican Party’s 2012 autopsy report was “a mistake.”

The GOP autopsy report is formally known as the Growth and Opportunity Project, a document commissioned by the Republican National Committee in December 2012 to find out how Republicans can appeal to more voters. This report was subsequently published by the RNC in March 2013 and made several recommendations on how the GOP can broaden its reach to more voters.

Conservative King elaborated, telling TheDCNF that, “in it [the autopsy report], when they advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, that’s code word for amnesty, and that means that erodes the rule of law.” King went on to say that comprehensive immigration reform, “opens up our borders, and it diminishes our [U.S.] sovereignty.”

The House Judiciary Committee member also opined that a push for fixing the country’s broken immigration system in a comprehensive manner is “a classical mistake for a nation that wants to grow, and be stronger, be better.” King stated that he favors pushing for a policy that brings in “young” people that “have an education.”

King told MSNBC Tuesday that, “The idea of multiculturalism, that every culture is equal, that is not objectively true.”

He expanded on this thought, telling TheDCNF, “How do you argue against a statement like that?”

The chairman of the Conservative Opportunities Society went on to tell TheDCNF, “If you look back through the history of Western civilization, and you match up any other culture or civilization to Western civilization, you come up short.”

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