Scott Walker: If Hillary Was Any More On The Inside She’d Be In Prison

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker slammed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified emails that resulted in an FBI investigation. He attributed her actions to her status as a “Washington insider.”

“We believe in a country where freedom and personal success do not come from the clumsy hand of government, but rather the dignity that comes from hard work.”

“Why? Because America deserves better,” Walker told Republican National Committee delegates Wednesday night at the Quicken Loans Arena.

“The simple truth is: liberal Washington insiders created these problems. And Hillary Clinton is the ultimate liberal Washington insider. If she were any more on the ‘inside,’ she’d be in prison,” he said.

Walker added, “America deserves better than Hillary Clinton. That is why we need to support Donald Trump and Mike Pence for president and vice president.”

Walker, a former Republican presidential candidate, suspended his campaign early in the primary season after a lackluster debate performance. He later endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and is now following through on his pledge to support the nominee.

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