Third Eye Blind Singer Says People Should Focus On Real Issues

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The lead singer of the band Third Eye Blind said what they did at the Republican National Convention is not what people should focus on.

Early Thursday morning, the 51-year old lead singer Stephan Jenkins told Don Lemon in an interview on CNN that talking about what they did is ignoring the bigger issues at hand in the election and the bigger problem is the current GOP platform. (RELATED: Third Eye Blind Explains Why They Blew The Cleveland Charity Event)

“The thing about this stuff, it’s like talking about did [vice presidential nominee Mike] Pence give somebody an air kiss or did [Texas Sen. Ted] Cruz endorse or not,” Jenkins said. “What this does is, it just kind of obfuscates the actual issues. We’re actually talking about that platform, that Republican platform, which I think is a caveman’s manifesto.”(RELATED: Rock Band Mocks Audience At RNC Concert)

“If we could get away from all these kind of surface name calling stuff,” he added. “You could get down to find the actual issues. The real issue tonight is their candidate said that he would not defend NATO allies at a night when they are taking about projecting American strength, that’s the issue.”