Trump Jr.: The ‘Best Unity I Saw Was Everybody Booing’ Cruz ‘Off The Stage’ [VIDEO]

Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump Jr. said on Wednesday that the “best unity I saw was everybody booing” Sen. Ted Cruz “off the stage” after his non-endorsement of Donald Trump.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Trump Jr. said, “The best unity I saw was everybody booing him off the stage, because I think everyone else in here has the sense to realize that the number one goal is to make sure that we beat Hillary Clinton.” (RELATED: Cruz Booed For Not Endorsing Trump At GOP Convention [VIDEO])

Host Sean Hannity asked why Cruz was allowed to speak even though he didn’t endorse the Republican nominee to which Trump Jr. replied, “My father’s not a guy who’s not going to let people speak. He’s going to let [Cruz] speak his opinion.”

Later Trump Jr. said that Cruz’s actions “just didn’t make any sense to me.”


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