DNC Vice Chairman Referred To Megyn Kelly As A ‘Bimbo’

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Michael Volpe Contributor
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A Democratic National Committee vice chairman referred to Megyn Kelly as a “bimbo” in response to her May interview with Donald Trump, according to an email released by WikiLeaks.

“Yes, Trumpet was right, Megyn Kelly is a bimbo,” was the title of a near one thousand word email sent by Steven Ybarra, who is a retired attorney and owner of a management consulting firm along with being the pacific regional vice chair for the DNC Hispanic Caucus, according to his biography on his company’s website.

“According to an online definition a Bimbo is an attractive but empty-headed young woman, especially one perceived as a willing sex object in other words a slut. If you need help with that definition, you need to stop reading and go back to school. So how did I reach the conclusion you may ask,” Ybarra began.

Ybarra then went into a diatribe in which he suggested Kelly was a bimbo because she wasn’t tough enough with Trump during her Fox Broadcast special in May.

“Fox concerned about its ratings and the loss of revenue sat Kelly down and told her to fix this. (See bimbo above network.) She and Trumpet had a one hour private meeting. Want to guess what he told her in that meeting?”

“Note it was her responsibility as the victim to show that it was ok. How did that happen, in case you missed it Kelly did a one on one televised interview, (no pun intended) with Trumpet?” he said.

Ybarra repeatedly referred to Trump as Trumpet, presumably in a derogatory manner and once referred to the Fox News Channel as the Fascist News Network.

Ybarra concluded by stating Kelly’s behavior in the interview showed she is not a role model: “Kelly has proved (sic) that she is no model for working women. She is the worst example to our young women who strive to succeed as professionals.”

Ybarra emailed this response to TheDC: “If you read my bio at the bottom of the posting you will know who I am. If you read the editorial you will know why I referred to her a bimbo.”

Ybarra is no stranger to controversy. In 2008 as a Democratic super-delegate, Ybarra found himself in hot water when he suggested he’d sell his vote for $20 million. The stunt was an attempt to get investment in the Hispanic community, Ybarra said at the time, and was never meant to be taken literally.

DNC Communications Chief Luis Miranda did not respond to a request for comment.

In the emails released by WikiLeaks, the DNC made it clear that Democrats would attempt to paint Trump as a misogynist in part because of sexist statements he’s made, including referring to Rosie O’Donnell as a pig.

“Wrong on Women: Dangerous Donald has a decades-long record of denigrating women and promoting misogyny. His policies would make it harder for women to make their own choices when it comes to their healthcare or their career.”

“Trump once said you had to treat women ‘like s**t’ and has spent decades doing so himself by calling women names – ‘fat pig,’ ‘slob,’ or ‘bimbo’ – and saying a man needs a woman to support him at home rather than always be ‘griping and bitching,’” according to one May 2016 email of Democratic talking points.

While Trump has been accused of using misogynistic language he also hired Barbara Res to be the first woman to oversee a construction project in the 1980s.

Res has since come out in favor of Hillary Clinton, saying Trump has bad policies and the wrong temperament to be president.

A November 2015 profile from the Washington Post entitled “Donald Trump, a champion of women? His female employees think so” found he championed his female employees.

Though WikiLeaks released these emails on Friday, the fallout has already been swift. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chairwoman, has been removed as a speaker at the upcoming Democratic convention. (RELATED: Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Step Down As DNC Chair)