Trump Responds To Accusations Convention Speech Was Dark: They’re ‘Haters’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump said in an interview airing on Sunday that the “haters” called his convention speech “dark” but he instead viewed the speech as optimistic because “we’re going to solve the problems.”

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd asked Trump about some of the negative reviews of his convention speech that accused the Republican nominee of being “a little dark.” (RELATED: ‘I Am Your Voice’ – Trump Accepts GOP Nomination, Promises To Lead A ‘Country Of Law And Order’)

Trump responded, “The only negativity and I call them the haters and that’s fine, but the only negative reviews were a little dark, and the following day they had another attack and then today you see what happened in Afghanistan with many, many people killed. They have no idea how many. So many killed. Yesterday, it was Munich, and, you know, I know they are saying maybe it wasn’t terrorism. Maybe it was just a crazy guy but in the meantime he’s screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ as he’s shooting people so you know we’ll see how that turns out.”

“And people say maybe it wasn’t dark at all. But only, the only thing that some people said, it was a little bit dark and it was a little bit tough.”

“Did you think it was a little dark?” Todd asked.

“No, to me it was an optimistic speech,” Trump

“What makes it optimistic?” Todd followed up.

“Because we’re going to solve the problems. We’re going to solve the problems. In other words, sure, I talk about the problems but we’re going to solve the problems,” Trump said.

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