Andrea Mitchell: Democrats ‘Anything But’ United Heading Into Convention [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said on Monday that heading into the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party is “anything but” united.

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Thomas Roberts, Mitchell rehashed some of the displays of disunity and controversy saying, “Wikileaks released the e-mails and they certainly cast a shadow over this convention and led to the early resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She had been the head of the DNC for five years and since the Bernie Sanders campaign became so successful and challenged her so directly, she’s been really a flash point with all the Bernie Sanders supporters.” (RELATED:Sanders Booed After Saying ‘We Have Got To Elect Hillary Clinton’ [VIDEO])

“You saw Bernie Sanders earlier addressing his big crowd… that large crowd, hundreds and hundreds of his supporters very angry about the way this has been handled. He spoke to them and tried to calm them down, but the minute he mentioned the nomination of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, he was booed.” (RELATED: Wasserman Schultz Shouted Down At Florida Rally Over DNC Email Scandal)

Speaking from inside the convention hall, Mitchell went on to conclude, “You can see that they are still rearranging the barriers here. And I think we may be caught inside rather than outside. This is a work in progress as the DNC tries to figure out how to launch their convention, which is supposed to gavel down at 4:00 with the theme of ‘united together.’ They are anything but so far today.” (RELATED: Leaked DNC Documents Show Plans To Reward Big Donors With Federal Appointments)

Over the weekend, Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chair and it was announced Monday that she would not be gaveling in the start of the convention.

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