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Baltimore Mayor Who Gave Rioters ‘Space To Destroy’ Will Gavel In DNC

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If you’re worried about violence at your political convention, who better to convene the proceedings than the woman who did so much to cool things down in Baltimore last year?

John Fritze and Luke Broadwater, Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake will gavel in the Democratic National Convention here on Monday — taking over for the Democratic Party chairwoman who relinquished the role amid a scandal over internal party emails.

This is all happening so fast that I can’t even enjoy the downfall of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Or figure out if the DNC email leak really is a Kremlin plot. Or, y’know, process it at all. But Rawlings-Blake seems like a very interesting choice for an understudy, considering what happened the last time America saw her:

I suppose the DNC had to act on short notice, but wasn’t Deray available?

If you’re at the convention this week, watch your back. This lady sure won’t. Stay safe, everybody.