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DNC Interim Chair Declined To Disavow Hillary’s Commie Support

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Now that Donna Brazile was named interim chair of the DNC maybe she can finally get around to renouncing the Communist Party USA’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

When CPUSA chairman John Bachtell made some news this May by announcing he would vote for Hillary Clinton in November, despite supporting Bernie Sanders in the primary, the Washington Gadfly asked Brazile if she wanted to disavow his support.

Seemed like a perfectly reasonable inquiry since everybody had recently been demanding that Donald Trump disassociate himself from David Duke, from whom he had no real association with anyway.

But the Democratic Party and Communists were long intertwined—Democratic congressman Samuel Dickstein worked for the NKVD, pre-cursor to the KGB, etc. Nevertheless, Brazile gave a not very artful dodge when asked June 1: go get an “official” response from the DNC press office because she was “unaware” of the matter.

Actually, the email made her very aware of the matter and more information could have been easily obtained on something called Google that she might have heard of. More importantly, when reminded that she was actually a DNC vice-chair, perfectly capable of giving an official response, Brazile did not reply.

Before Brazile became a regular CNN fixture she was quite outspoken.

In 1988, Brazile was fired by Michael Dukakis‘ presidential campaign manager because she simply said aloud something—the longstanding rumor about George H.W. Bush having a mistress–that almost everybody else in town only discussed behind closed doors.

Both Bush and the longtime aide he was allegedly schlonging later denied the allegations. But Brazile did not just lob her rhetorical stink bombs at Republicans.

In 2000, she radically broke with liberal racial orthodoxy and told me in a story for JewishWorldReview.com that she considered Clarence Thomas “a role model for black Americans” just “like Jesse Jackson, Tiger Woods and Thurgood Marshall.”

But these days, now that Brazile is a regular CNN talking head, she stonewalls when asked about anything messy.

After Wasserman Schultz, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton all refused to explain the difference between a Democratic socialist I put the question to Brazile. She too demurred.

Similarly, an inquiry about the Bernie Sanders campaign adviser who said blacks suffered a “financial Holocaust” under President Obama brought this snooty reply: “Sir, I am not running for office.”

Ugh. Let’s hope that spunky Donna Brazile of yesterday was just the victim of a body snatcher. Maybe her earlier self of yesteryear can return and finally answer these questions now that she is officially leading the Democratic Party.

Evan Gahr