Germany’s Liberal Hubris

Scott Krane Freelance Writer
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Left wing media such as MSNBC were quick to proclaim the Munich gunman from last week was a mentally disturbed 18-year-old German-Iranian national, and this was not terrorism. Instead, according to one article in the UK Telegraph, raids on the shooter’s parents’ apartment revealed he was more inspired by Anders Breivik, a white supremacist who killed 77 in Norway, than by ISIS. But after all, this is why the left wing press is the left wing press.

The media, and the German government, who would not dare gasp that horrid phrase, Islamic Extremism, are in denial. On May 10, during a machete attack at a Munich train station, the suspect yelled “Allahu akhbar” as he killed one and injured three Germans.

Still, according to German officials, because the suspect was not directly affiliated with any terrorist organization – such as ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, Hezbollah or Iran – he was not a terrorist, and again, like last week’s Munich shooting in which 9 were killed, it was a severely mentally disturbed person and therefore an act of mania, not of religious zealousness. During the train station machete stabbing in Munich on May 10, the suspect was heard saying “infidel, you must die.” Yet, Germany will still not admit that this is terrorism.

Then Sunday, the unthinkable happened – again – in the progressive utopia that is Germany. An explosion went off at an open-air music festival in the southern German town of Ansbach, injuring 10 and killing one. Germany says it is not terrorism but it is important to note, Ansbach contains a U.S. Army Base and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. The assailant who blew himself up was a Syrian refugee.

Also on Sunday, Reuters reported that a 21-year-old Syrian refugee in the southwestern German city of Reutlingen was arrested after slaughtering a pregnant woman and injuring two others. This only after on July 18, a refugee from Pakistan injured five people in Wurzburg with an ax. The Islamic State claimed responsibility.

But as for the others, have ISIS no influence on these grisly murders in Germany? Is this not terrorism? And should we go so far as to discount Anders Breivik’s white supremacist actions from the list of terrorist acts? Can a white supremacist not still be a terrorist? Is there anything about Anders Breivik or these monsters in Germany that is not terrorism?

Then how can Angela Merkel possibly not admit that not only is her country devastated by Islamic extremist terrorism, but that it is threatening all of Europe? Of course the murders in her own country are related to the Bastille Day horror in Nice, how could one possibly fail to connect these obvious dots. Germany has had eight incidents of terror, according to a conservative estimate, since 2002.

One of the most embarrassing aspects of German foreign policy is their stance on NATO. They have been unwilling to cooperate, as shown by German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s attack on the alliance, which he accused of saber-rattling in Eastern Europe, which perhaps it was guilty of. But Germany’s hubris is that it does not understand the threat of terrorism. Germany thinks that terrorism cannot happen at home, and that by just making nice with Islam and playing Good Samaritan, it can just make the threat go away. But they are so tragically blind, it is suspicious.

For Germany to protest NATO is one thing, it has a democratic right to do so. When Donald Trump protests American affiliation with NATO he is doing so because of instances like this; where Germany cannot admit the enemy which stands in its chamber. Germany is not listening to Donald Trump. Angela Merkel opened the country’s doors last September to refugees fleeing the war in Africa and the Middle East; refugees coming from places like, Syria. It states in the German constitution that Germany must provide refuge for anyone escaping war or persecution.

A new right-wing party in Germany, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD), has made an opportunity of the violence to demonstrate the merit of its own platform. The AfD angrily tweeted, “If we were in power, this would not happen,” after an attack near the city of Reutlingen. No doubt more Germans are starting to agree with them.