Intervention Attempt For Lamar Odom Goes Badly

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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An attempted intervention for Lamar Odom turned awry when a friend got involved.

Lamar Odom rehab

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The former basketball star’s family — his two children, Destiny and Lamar Jr., his aunt JaNean Mercer, and ex-wife, Liza Morales — wanted to get him into the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center in Florida for treatment over the weekend. (RELATED: Lamar Odom Just Gave His First Interview Since He Nearly Died)

“He was supposed to come to the house,” Ron Dock, a certified addiction specialist, told Page Six Monday. “I had his family there. The main focus was going to be his son and daughter. I had them write letters and they were going to submit the letters to their father explaining their feelings about his behavior.”

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“It was all set in place until this negative energy came,” he continued. “For [his friend’s] own selfish motives, sabotage the intervention. I think some people want people around you to keep you sick so they can get what they want from you. I believe this is the case here.”

“The family and I got there. [Odom’s friend] called us back and said ‘Hey, I told him you was coming and he got up and left.’ As far as I know he might have still been in there. I don’t know.” (RELATED: Lamar Odom Is Drinking Again)

“I think this guy just kept us away from him,” Dock said. “He’s a very ugly person. If anything happens to Lamar, I would blame that energy right there.”

(Photo: E! screen grab)

(Photo: E! screen grab)

“We’re just trying to save a life,” he said. “But they told me and thanked me for my support and being there. I let them know if he’s ever ready, I would fly back up there and personally take him to the treatment center. We have a bed ready for him. All he has to do is say ‘I surrender.'”

Though many people thought Odom was scared straight after he collapsed at a brothel in Nevada last fall, he is back doing drugs and drinking, reports claim. (RELATED: Khloe Kardashian Filed For Divorce Because She Wanted Kids)