Lindsay Lohan Wants People To Stay Out Of Her Personal Affairs

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Lindsay Lohan wants people to butt out of her personal affairs days after posting on social media that she feared her fiancé was cheating on her.

On Monday, the 30-year-old actress shared a message with her four million followers asking for space to allow her and her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, to work out their relationship issues. In the picture she shared was a heart-shaped cloud with sun’s rays coming out from behind it. (RELATED: Police Knock Down Lindsay Lohan’s Door After She Accuses Fiance Of Strangling Her)


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“I would appreciate if these speculations regarding my personal life would respectfully come to a halt,” Lohan wrote. “Unfortunately, a private matter has become more public than I can control and I would be extremely grateful if my fiancé and myself could discuss our personal matters on our own. There are more important things going on in the world than our relationship.” (RELATED: Lindsay Lohan Goes On Bizarre Rant About ‘Star Trek’ Actor’s Death)

“Please leave us be to solve our personal matters.”

On Saturday, Lohan shared a picture on her Instagram account of her and her fiancé with his face scribbled out. The posts come after reports that the actress felt her fiancé had cheated on her with a Russian prostitute.

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On the same day police had to kick down the door to Lohan’s apartment after neighbors called the cops when they heard her yelling on the balcony and Lohan screaming that her partner had tried to strangle her.